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It’s New Years Day 2014 January 1, 2014

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Well how did we get here? It’s been an awful year and now we have the weather to match. One highlight though I did get to meet Chris Brolga Barnes aka Kangaroo Dundee and yes he is mighty tall 6’7″ and towered above my 5’8″, but what a lovely person with a heart of gold. I’m very much enjoying his BBC tv series ‘Kangaroo Dundee’ on Fridays at 8.30pm. Hopefully 2014 will turn out to be much better that 2013 and that the last vestiges of my husband’s shingles of the tongue will have gone god good! So Happy New a Year everyone and happy exciting reading.


A Land More Kind than Home August 20, 2013

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The 3rd BFKbooks Bookclub review

This book is set in a small town in Maddison County and relates the events that took place in the local church, where Pastor Chambliss was responsible for his congregation and their needs. It is also based on a true event and is narrated by three principal characters who all relate to each other in different ways.

We all agreed that the book was beautifully written with a well constructed plot, but found the contents distressing and very graphic in places, but we couldn’t put the book down because it played really effected us and for some of the group who found it an emotional read; especially the way Pastor Chambliss
manipulated his congregation with his obession with snakes to test their beliefs!

It was an extraordinary book to read and we all highly recommended it even if at times it was an uncomfortable read.

We’d love to read your comments about this book.


Need help with Fantasy and Crime reviews

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Is there anyone out there who loves crime and fantasy who can do reviews and send them to me at – would very much appreciate it.


2013! April 28, 2013

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Is it really 8 monts since I was last on my blog. Life has a habit of getting in the way! Have read mostly children’s books with a couple of adult ones thrown in, but my brains are fried and my colleague Wendy and I actually made it to the London Book Fair! Lots of interesting things to see and do. More next time.


The Snowman by Jo Nesbo August 15, 2012

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This is our second book read by the BFK Book club.

In chilly Oslo, young mothers are going missing, and a snowman just happens to be somewhere close by.   Detective Harry Hole has to try get to the bottom of it all, and perhaps stop a serial killer. Harry, (like Wallendar, Morse, Rebus) leads a lonely life, his work is everything, has he been selected as a worthy opponent by a ruthless killer, or does he see serial killers at every turn? Although a little too violent in parts, the book club all enjoyed this Scandinavian crime thriller, that has many parallels with recent TV adaptations like The Bridge and The Killing. The book club agreed this was a good read, lots of surprises and most of us kept guessing until quite near the end.

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Broken Wrist & Maeve Binchey

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Time flies too fast and breaking my right wrist hasn’t helped with typing on my laptop. Thankfully time is a healer and I’m back to the keyboard with full flow!

In the middle of all of this Irish writer Maeve Binchy died at the end of July – most people know her through her books Circle of Friends (which was made into a film) and Tara’s Road – all her books have a theme of love, hope and struggles against adversity and sold 40 million copies world wide.


Pure by Andrew Miller review by the BFK Book Club April 27, 2012

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This is our first online book club and hope that you will leave your comments about the book that gave us a great deal of discussion.

It is the story of engineer, Jean Baptiste Barrat, charged to remove the corpses from the overflowing cemetery of Les Innocents, Paris, on the eve of the revolution. Most book club members enjoyed this book, particularly enjoying the richness of the prose despite the unpleasant subject matter. The putrifying atmosphere of the graveyard was so vividly portrayed it was too much for a couple of our readers, pervading the air, the food and even the breath of the citizens. The portents of the revolution that was approaching was much enjoyed in the symbolism of the new brightly coloured silk suit which was bought by Barrat, but which he soon replaced by a more sober one, the death of the old elephant and the hard work to remove the animal’s body. We were all quite curious to see where this church and cemetery had been, and discussed the catacombs in both Paris where the remains are now stored, and a similar one in Rome. We were struck by the contrast between today’s obsession with workplace health & safety and the almost complete disregard for it seen in Pure. On the whole we agreed it was a very good read and well deserving of its prize.

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